We enable engaged and vibrant campus communities.

CampusVibe serves as the central point for the campus community to discover and participate in student organizations, clubs, events and activities and helps power an engaging and vibrant campus life.

With CampusVibe...



Discover, Participate, Get Involved.

Student Organizations


Grow membership. Promote events.

Student Government


Drive campus engagement from Orientation to Graduation.

From Orientation to Graduation – a complete Campus Engagement Solution

For Students, by Students – curated by Student Government / Student Life co-ordinators.


Your campus experience - Personalized

Your campus experience is not just about academics. It is about getting involved, pursuing common interests and passions, and making a difference.

CampusVibe helps you discover groups and events that match your interests, stay connected to the campus buzz and ensures that you get the most out of campus life. Never miss out.

Exclusive for your campus, private & secure Receive event announcements & reminders
Discover Events, See who is going & Sign-up Share events on Twitter, Facebook & more
Join Groups or Start a Group Privacy & Profile Settings
Stay informed with live updates from your Groups Sync events with your Mobile or online calendar

Students Organizations

One place to manage clubs, student organizations & events

CampusVibe provides all the tools needed to promote your organization and events resulting in increased memberships and participation levels.

With automated submission and approval processes to create clubs, events, facility & budget requests spend less time on paperwork and more time on club activities.

Manage and promote memberships Create & promote events on campus calendar
Manage event registrations Track attendance
Collect membership dues or event fees online Push notifications via email & Mobile app
Poll members Groups can be private, invitation-only
Centralize and share group content Engage membership using the Group feed

Orientation Committee

Deliver a compelling transition to campus life

Arrange orientation activities into tracks and events and organize orientation leaders and volunteers into teams.

Communications and event management tools help co-ordinate Orientation Leaders and keep students informed of any changes and updates.

With CampusVibe’s Orientation Wizard, in a few clicks incoming students are:

Registered into appropriate sessions and tracks Assigned into appropriate groups or teams
Provided a personalized orientation agenda to their smartphone Engaged with fellow freshmen & orientation leaders before arrival on campus
Kept up to date with any changes and updates

Student Government

Create an engaged & empowered campus community

Streamline administrative processes for student organizations from accreditation to membership management and budgeting.

Analytics let you measure, track and assess campus engagement levels.

Branded website & mobile apps Cloud based, nothing to install
Private to campus, Campus Authentication Social media integration
Integration with other campus calendars Event management with Geo-location
Target communications to groups/subscriber lists Comprehensive Support & Training
Streamline processes, Go paperless Roles and policies empower groups & organizers
Privacy & Security, FERPA compliant Comprehensive Activity & Participation Analytics

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